Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Classic Star- Van Johnson's 100th Birthday

One of my personal favorite classic films stars from the MGM heyday is Van Johnson! August 25th would be the 100th birthday of this fine actor.

Autographed photo signed
by Van Johnson
While I'm familiar with many of his musical endeavors, "Brigadoon" probably being my favorite, there are a number of his critically acclaimed films that I'm not familiar with... mostly because I'm not personally a huge fan of "war pictures" and since he was not able to serve in WWII, he made quite a few during those years.

In later years, he was making television guest spots and had three different runs at 1980's "Murder She Wrote"... once starring with his old MGM co-star June Allyson. It was so charming to see them on the screen together again, in their 70's.

Autographed photo signed by June Allyson & Van Johnson

Well into his 80's and living in an assisted living facility, Van was still signing autographs. I was lucky to have him sign a couple of things for me.  One of him & June Allyson that I was able to get June to sign after him... is one of my all time favorites in my whole collection.

Van passed away in 2008.

What are you favorite Van Johnson roles?

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